Gigi Applicators

Gigi Applicators

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What is this product? Gigi Treatment Applicators are sanitary, disposable applicators for use with GiGi's high quality wax products

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Product Options Available are as follows Option Large / Body - 100 Piece - GiGi Applicators Option Petite / Face - 100 Piece - GiGi Applicators

Apply to area to be waxed in direction of hair growth

Available in three convenient sizes for face and body, GiGi Treatment Applicators are the choice of the seasoned professional, as well as the beginner

Dip wax applicator halfway in to warmed wax, drag across underside of can to remove excess wax

Each package contains 100 Applicators

More info GiGi Applicators are not reusable

Throw away after each use