Womens Deluxe German Costume

Womens Deluxe German Costume

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Why wait until Oktoberfest to break out a dirndl? This Women's Deluxe German Costume has a cute and classic German look that will make you want to dress like a German girl every day

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Just don't be too surprised when everyone feels like celebrating the Bavarian holiday all around you!This lovely German-inspired dress will make it look as if you left your tiny hilltop village for the first time and you re ready to party in the big city

Just slip into the dress and zip up the back

Maybe find an accessory or two to personalize this deluxe costume as well, like a picnic basket or one of our beer stein purses

The cute apron with the flower prints is already attached, so it will always look perfect

Then you just need to tie the handkerchief in your hair and you ll be ready to head back to the old country! Or, at least, ready to have tons of fun in the party scene

We designed this costume ourselves, in hopes of capturing the light-hearted, fun-loving spirit of Bavarian culture, and we really feel like we nailed it!So if you re ready to celebrate your German heritage or just Bavarian culture in general, then grab this easy to assemble ensemble

Whether Halloween is right around the corner or you plan on joining in on the festivities of Oktoberfest, this year this outfit will be perfect

You can show off your love for Bavarian culture with this easy to toss on costume